Reality Acknowledged- Amazon is a Transportation and Logistics Provider

If readers have been keeping-up with our prior blog commentaries as well as prior predictions related to Amazon, this week’s announcement should not be of any surprise.  That announcement is that Amazon will soon deploy a set of transportation and logistics services to allow China based manufacturers and sellers to ship their inventories of products […]

Amazon Again Shines in Holiday Online Customer Fulfillment

While retailers and their associated supply chain teams are still in the process of recovering from the 2016 holiday fulfillment period, and while the final retail sales numbers are being assessed, some takeaways have become apparent. The first and foremost, was the continuing preference among various consumers to do their holiday shopping online. The prime […]

Report That Amazon Has Already Captured Significant Online Holiday Revenue Share

Business network CNBC is reporting new analytical data made available by Slice Intelligence indicating that Amazon captured nearly 31 percent of all online spending for the period spanning the Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday shopping days. If this trend is corroborated by other reinforcing market intelligence data, it would represent yet again the significant online dominance […]

Labor Strike at ABX Air Comes at Most Critical Time

Yesterday, a labor strike among 250 cargo airline pilots working at ABX Air, a subsidiary of Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) grounded more than 75 flights contracted for both Amazon and DHL Worldwide Express. The move came just before the start of busy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping events. As we pen this […]

BP: Стратегическое обеспечение бизнеса не может быть единственным ответом для необходимости трансформации закупок

Директор по снабжению BP хочет сместить фокус со стратегического обеспечения бизнеса к более продуманным закупкам по низким ценам. Служба снабжения закупок не может быть трансформирована использованием подхода глобального стратегического обеспечения бизнеса. Это мнение было высказано Паулем Александром, директором по снабжению…