Mandatory Electronic Pre-Filing for all Canada-Bound Shipments

The eManifest initiative is an integral part of Canada’s risk-based border security effort through which CBSA agents focus on potentially hazardous or suspect shipments headed for the border while permitting low-risk shipments to pass through largely unencumbered.

Are You And Your Company Prepared For A Supply Chain Talent Crisis?

Supply chain programs aren’t graduating enough new practitioners to replace those exiting in the workforce, but the talent crisis is about more than demographics: a shift in thinking must also take place at the corporate level and in academia to…

State of Trade 2016

How is global trade changing in 2016? Panjiva surveyed 350 global trade professionals on their outlook and concerns with the state of global trade.

Trump’s Trade Policies Won’t Be Embraced by All

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments and observations on globalization and free trade ostensibly lack what is needed to truly make a difference or improve the current global trade outlook, according to Panjiva.

Leveraging Allocations in an Omni World

Retailers today have multiple brands and multiple channels serving multiple demographics with multiple fulfillment models… additionally, customers are not static.

Top 25 Risk Factors for Manufacturing Supply Chains

According to a recent report from BDO USA, an accounting and consulting organization, manufacturers’ intellectual property, supply chain data and products have become prime targets for cyber criminals.

2016 BDO Manufacturing Risk Factor Report

The 2016 BDO Manufacturing RiskFactor Report examines the risk factors in the most recent 10-K filings of the largest 100 publicly traded U.S. manufacturers across five sectors including fabricated metal, food processing, machinery, plastics and rubber, and transportation equipment.

Are You Prepared For The Supply Chain Talent Crisis?

Supply chain faces a severe shortage of talent at a time when the demands on the profession have never been greater. Globalization, market uncertainty, shifting demographic patterns, and the emergence of supply chain as a strategic function are some of…

Foreign Trade Association Annual Report 2015-16

This publication outlines the association’s successful activities and collaborative efforts focused on advocating an international trade framework that promotes sustainable business practices along global supply chains.

International Trade & Sustainable Supply Chains

While trade is a driver of economic growth, increased protectionist tendencies continue to hamper global economic recovery, and against this challenging environment, open trade and sustainable value chains are essential to stimulate development and create high-value employment.

A Portrait of the Supply Chain Manager

Who is today’s supply chain manager, and, how did he — or she — get to where they are in their career? These are some of the questions answered by readers of Supply Chain Management Review and members of the…

Time to Get Supply Chain Management to the Board

Supply chain leaders frequently deal with an executive team that lacks both knowledge and interest in supply chain management, and yet, the supply chain community all too often struggles to communicate the value it provides — to get the required…